Analiesa Adams

Bookkeeper by day, writer by night, Analiesa Adams' heart belongs in the stories she creates. Author of In Desperate Search of Peace, and The G.L.O.V.E.S. Series, about all things metaphysical, starting with The Healing Touch - Book 1 and soon to come Ethereal Images - Book 2. Her discoveries into the spiritual and metaphysical can be found in her blog and shared in the spicy tales of romance entwined with the uniquely mysterious order of life.

When not delving into her newest creation, she enjoys spending time with the light of her life, undeniably her son. His smile and humor have brought her through many tough times, and he continues to be her inspiration. Currently, the two loves of her life are two kitties named Loca and Cali. Though they keep her laughing, they both are a constant bother to her writing.

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