Berad ~ Aaron Cooper

Better Earth Research and Development (BERAD) was founded in 2012, but started with an idea that we can use the elements to enhance the vibration of our environment.  Negative ions have been cited by current scientific research for beneficial effects on the human body.  If our bodies need negative ions to properly function, what happens after long-term exposure to positive ion-rich environments that absorb negative ions from our body? 


Many city environments are filled with mass electronics and cell phone towers that bombard us with artificial electric fields and electromagnetic pollution.  BERAD knows there is an approach that makes a difference for human beings as they handle the stress of our environment with advancing technology. 


We continue to develop our functional art pieces in the Seattle area that include materials that are rich with negative ions.  By using tools to measure the strength of negative ions and their frequency in hertz (Hz), we aspire to create products with a distinct vibration that we can all naturally relate to.

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