Auriel Rose
Dragons' Gate Gardens

Auriel Rose will delight you with her wisdom  of ancient “crystal energy” techniques that are so necessary for our lives today. Learn about the different kinds of crystals and their healing properties, including the spirituality aspects of crystal healing utilized in different cultures during different eras around the earth. Her crystal healing classes consist of her presentation on different specimens, their unique qualities, and how to reap the benefits of crystals in your life. There will be time for crystal shopping for those interested.


Auriel  has found that plants are very emotional just as we are.  When one is exposed to the whimsical music of the plants it makes one aware of plant consciousness in a way not previously experienced.  From her studies with the plant realm, Auriel has gained a deeper understanding of the interconnection of all life. Learn about how plants can make their own music with the use of a U-1 device. Auriel will share how plants learn basics such as timing and discovering their forms of interaction, their cycles, and sense of humor! 

Kathleen  Tougher Greco 'aka'  Auriel Rose is the Dragon Crone of the North West and Keeper of Dragon  Crystals.  She is the third of four children whose mother was deeply involved in her church and church music.  She learned to sing as she learned to talk; on the alter by 6 she was doing solo work by 8.  She lived a life steeped in the love and enjoyment of life's rituals and ceremonies.  Teen club leader and Girl Scout gave  way to Master Costumer  in the International Costumers Guild,  Celebration Artist, and  ceremonialist; Catholic, Christian, Pagan. 

Always   researching and learning more she studied with Native American Teacher   "Oceana" and learned crystal grid work from Sir James Hughes.  Working   with Taylore and Roi at Reiki Ranch she has become a Laser Reiki  Master.   Auriel has performed as the Bard for the Druids at Sunrise for  Spring  Equinox on Glastonbury Tor as well as singing the "Ave Maria"  in a  Cathedral dedicated to Mary Magdalene in Southern France.

Today   Auriel is the steward of the 126-acre sanctuary and the Lightbrarian of 15   tons of Giant Museum Quality Crystals .  30 minutes South East of   Olympia along the Skookumchuck River you'll find Dragons' Gate Gardens   and Wellness Center.  The unique combination of Sound healing and   working with her Crystal Grid Table enables Auriel to assist others in   reaching a deeper understanding of crystal consciousness and how   beneficial that can be to our bodies and souls.




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