JeM YinJoy, Ph.D

JeM YinJoy, Ph.D. was born on earth, in the 20th century. She is an environmental microbiologist, a mystic, an artist, a writer and the creator of 44 original paintings of microbes or microbial communities that keep our planet clean and habitable.

While trained as a research scientist at Cornell University, earning her doctorate in 1994, she follows a mystical path, which leads her to apply multidimensional solutions to problems in science and in life. Through her personal spiritual experience, she has worked with the types of animal guides that are macroscopic, that is, which can be seen with the unaided eye, such as lions, dolphins and eagles. But microbes are amazing creatures, and since they’ve impressed JeM with their capacity to thrive in unusual environments, and also manage to clean up many of our human-made messes, she realized that they are also animal guides, of the microscopic variety. With the flick of an enzymatic pathway or the production of an unusual protein, microbes have the ability to create a home in microenvironments that would kill most other kinds of life.

JeM is the author of the newly-released: Microbe Whisperer: Cards for Environmental Healing, Divination and Education Kindle Interactive Edition. For more information, visit her Amazon author’s page.

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