Janice Churchill

My mission is to bring all of my education, gifts, and talents together to create an overall wellness 'synergy' in our every changing environment. 

My passion is to educate and create safe, harmonic and rejuvenating environments for my clients.  Why? After working in many different environments I found that my peers, co-workers and friends were not staying healthy.


I found that practicing as a Reiki Master/Master Teacher and using Tuning Forks for Chakra Balancing would relieve stress on the body, but not taking care of the environment, I was not getting to the core issues.


Getting to the core; it was after I starting supporting health care professionals, I noticed that after a patient returned to his work or home environment the imbalances returned. After my investigation, I found some health care professionals were missing the unseen and silent world. The world of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs); electric & magnetic fields, geopathic stress, radio waves (RF) and dirty electricity. 

The core issue that creates Disturbances in the Energy Field is EMFs. All EMFs torque our body by suppressing the nervous system, condensing our energy field, allowing in for dis-ease.


The ‘Orgonite & Shungite Generator’ that we sell takes pressure of the body allowing for an expansive energy field, because the Key to unlocking health is in the Spin!


Please visit my website ‘Events’ page for upcoming talks in your area.

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