Lizzie Barnts

Catalyst for Change


Hi!  I’m Lizzie.  I have a lot of fun gifts:   natural channel, intuitive, empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, psychic messenger... but they get MORE fun when I get to apply them to something...


My jam is empowering people to make the changes they want in their life by using my gifts in conjunction with two very different tools: Energy Reset Sessions and Soul Contract Charts.   

Energy Reset Sessions are an in-person event where I touch your head for an hour or two, releasing blocked energy in every area of your consciousness.  Super relaxing, like you would feel after a great massage. 


Soul Contract Charts are based on your name and show your Karma, Talents, and Goals for this lifetime, and how to work with them. They are great for understanding the energies you chose to explore in this lifetime, and excellent tools to understand family and relationship dynamics.  


Both tools can immediately bring change, clarity, a call to new action, and the tremendous uplift of purpose. 

What kind of change?  Any kind of change-- relationships, careers, life path, letting go of old repeating patterns that you can clearly see are not getting you where you want to be, or just plain feeling stuck.


I will be at the Cosmic Awareness Fair April 18 talking about Soul Contract Charts/ Readings and giving mini Energy Reset Sessions.  


For detailed information about Sessions and Charts, and to read client feedback, visit my website

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