Mary Standing Bear Earth Stone Readings,
Medicine Wheel Consultations, Storytelling Events

Mary Standing Bear is offering a unique type of Native American intuitive reading called Earth Stone Readings which she began to study over 30 years ago. The Earth Stone Reading is based on Sun Bear's vision of the Native Medicine Wheel. Sun Bear was an Ojibwa holy man whom Mary had to privilege to study under until he passed on the Spirit in 1992.

An Earth Stone Reading can help you identify what you are yearning for and give advice on how to get it, including identifying blockages to clear. It will focus on your health, home, geographic location, survival income, and daily interactions with others. It will also address your true life's work, relationships, and attaining greater spiritual fulfillment.

Mary Standing Bear is a Metisse Grandmother who presents Native wisdom and lifeways through Earth Stone Readings, Medicine Wheel Consultations, speaking engagements, Earth awareness retreats, Ethnobotany field trips, and storytelling events.

Cost: $1.00 per minute

Phone: 253. five--three-nine-9210

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