Presentation and Class Schedule January 18

Presenters schedule will be updated for 2021

Wanda Buckner - What the Dead People Said
Wanda Buckner.jpg

What happens after death? Are all the people in the same place? Do they miss us? Do they forgive us? Do they have regrets for how they lived? Wanda will share from her experience as a medium helping people resolve their grief and concerns whether death came suddenly, after a long illness, or by suicide.  


Wanda Buckner is an energy healer and psychic. Mediumship is a natural extension of her work. She sees pictures and videos from people and animals’ lives, talks to them after their deaths, and views their past lives. Wanda’s communication with humans and animals who have passed eases our loss and increases our understanding of this world and the next.

Judy Chapman - Journey to Discovering Sacred GeometrySacred Geometry
Judy Chapman.jpg

Judy will guide you through the discovery of Sacred Geometry from the most basic principles to understanding how the Flower of Life is the underlying connection to creation.   Beginning with the Vesica Piscis and moving into the Seed of Life will show how simplicity in form and structure give birth to the Flower of Life and eventually the Fruit of Life (Metatron’s Cube) which holds the secrets of the Platonic Solids.

Through the use of a slide show and related artworks, Judy will also demonstrate how to create the beginning shapes of the Flower of Life using the geometer’s tools; compass, straightedge and pencil.

Come prepared to learn and explore how you have always been surrounded by Sacred Geometry in both nature and society.

Janice Churchill - What's Your Spin-Individual Frequencies
Janice Churchill.jpg

Each Person's circuit has a unique individual frequency. Learn how small and fragmented fields keep you from your highest potential. Where are you not looking? What's in your environment? Discover mitigation solutions that will expand your field and raise your vitration naturally.

Ted Mahr - Messages from the Masters
Ted Mahr

Ted Mahr, author of Messages from the Masters and host of Out of this World Radio & TV, will share his  beyond the veil conversations with the masters from our past and how our future on Earth can be bright.

Ted will also give an update on his forthcoming book as well as information on the Emoto Peace Project.

Auriel Rose~Consciousness of the Natural World
Auriel Rose.jpg

Auriel Rose will delight you with her wisdom  of ancient “crystal energy” techniques that are so necessary for our lives today. Learn about the different kinds of crystals and their healing properties, including the spirituality aspects of crystal healing utilized in different cultures during different eras around the earth. Her crystal healing classes consist of her presentation on different specimens, their unique qualities, and how to reap the benefits of crystals in your life. There will be time for crystal shopping for those interested.

Auriel  has found that plants are very emotional just as we are.  When one is exposed to the whimsical music of the plants it makes one aware of plant consciousness in a way not previously experienced.  From her studies with the plant realm, Auriel has gained a deeper understanding of the interconnection of all life. Learn about how plants can make their own music with the use of a U-1 device. Auriel will share how plants learn basics such as timing and discovering their forms of interaction, their cycles, and sense of humor! 

Mari Beckman ~ Healing WAAAAAY Beyond  5D
Mari Beckman

Mari Beckman is a psychic, medium, healer and channel from Tacoma, Washington.

She loves to teach people how to connect with their spirit team and higher self in order to bring about better health.

Healing way beyond 5D empowers you to connect with your Merkaba, clear your energetic field and feel your own team near as they lend their energy so you can feel better!

Linda Jollo ~ Healing Codes
Linda Jollo.jpg

Linda Jollo, LMT will be talking about how we can use light, sound and mathematical codes to shift and heal our energetic bodies, rebalance, and reboot our system. Linda will discuss how seemingly random mathematical numbers actually have a dramatic energetic affect on our bodies and how they

can heal, increase stability and promote wellness.

The presentation will be April 2020.

JeM Yin Joy ~ What are Microbe Animal Guides?
JeM Yin Joy.jpg

Learn from Dr. JeM YinJoy how *you* can become a Microbe Whisperer too!”


Microbe Whisperer/ Dr. Jem YinJoy                 \


Star-shaped microbes, microbes that eat oil, microbes that make the scent of rain? Enter the world of  microbes that work hard to keep our earth clean. These are the unseen animal guides, until now! These Microbe Animal Guides can help us navigate through the toxicity in our lives, by showing us how they cleanse and purify Mother Earth. Microbe Whisperer: Cards for Environmental Healing, Divination and Education. Original divinatory oracle deck, CD of the 198-page guidebook, replete with information, and bumper stickers: "Microbe Whisperers learn from the little things in life!".  Learn how to become Microbe Whisperer too!

This presentation will be in 2021