Sarah Heartsong
Heartsong Healing

Sarah Heartsong lived in the Puget Sound between 1992-2002 and has been back and forth from NM to WA since 2002 until finally moving back full time this fall. You may have seen her with her partner, Karl Feret and Rare Earth Designs, as she accompanies him to many metaphysical type of events vending. Her practice is best described as an eclectic, Nature-Centered spirituality and she has been a “Sovereign High Priestess” for a long time (solitary serving community).


Heartsong is a Master/Teacher of Reiki, a Shamanic Healer and Spiritual Advisor using oracular cards and direct communication from Divine to help people to manage their lives. She is available for weddings, memorials, and many other ceremonies to mark significant life passages. Her current Work includes creating a line of travel altars and various spiritual arts, including drums, and spiritual tutoring/life coaching for her business Heartsong Healing Arts, the forming a of church called the Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary, and the creation of a spectrum of classes, workshops and events for Nature-Centered people of all Paths  in Shelton, WA. She’s what you could call a “modern priestess”.


Connect with Heartsong at  Her partner, Karl’s website is and the Etsy store where their combined products are sold is Heartson’gs Facebook is at, Heartsong Healing Art’s Facebook page is at

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