Stevie Cardinal

Graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts in Sculpture and Printmaking from the University of Stanislaus, California, in 1982, Stephenie Cardinal has continually worked her craft in sculpting stone and bronze and the graphic arts. Her works in mixed media show a unique sense of humor and often reflect her love of horses, dogs, and all manner of wildlife.

After working in the film industry for a few years as a Scenic Artist, Cardinal walked away from Hollywood and continued her own journey influenced by Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Celtic arts and mythologies inherited from her mother's love of the same.

A lover of the stones of the Earth Mother and mythologies, Stephenie’s latest creation is that of a Fairies and Friends young adult/plus coloring book.   Along with the coloring book, handmade wire-wrapped gemstone jewelry and some choice crystals will be available at their booth.